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March 25, 2010

We’re most likely up to date, here.

Well, there was The Man Stood in the Doorway in Everyday Weirdness in early February.
Then there was Pursuit in issue I of Crow’s Nest Magazine.

Next was Taninim at the Outsider Writer’s Collective.

Finally, there was Anniversary over at 365tomorrows.

No, not finally.  Most recent of them all was Spider Bites in the first issue of Bastards and Whores.

Earlier , I got the contract to have my story the Battle of Bloody Porch in Sonar4 Publications upcoming anthology, Throwdown, Western Horror.

Some more cool stuff coming up in the next day or two.

March 25, 2010

More Crap.

2010 has started off in an interesting way for me. first two days of the year/decade have given me my first two publications of the year/decade.

First off, there was Chinaski’s Nirvana over at Oprah Read This, a very cool limited-run online-anthology of sorts. Some really, really good stuff exists on that page, I recommend you hit it with a vengeance.

Our Lady of the Shadows went live over at Flashes in the Dark. A story about Santa Muerte, I’m leaning to being proud of this one.

Just heard, for sure, that a letter of mine will feature in Letters from the Dead, an anthology that will be published later this year by Library of the Living Dead. It concerns zombies, so you should enjoy that.

Oh, also, part two of the Troubadour Horror Zone went up the other day, featuring an essay of mine concerning werewolves, as well as a story, Bloodlines, by Rick Huffman. Part 3 should go up before too long, as well as part 4 of my series, Throw Back.

March 25, 2010

Moreish Stuff.

My poem, Ahasuerus, was published over at Every Day Poets.

I wrote an essay, Concerning Ethnonationalism, for the great folk at the Clean Slate Project. I’m glad to see that whole hacking thing wasn’t permanent.

Four poems, Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas (L’Excuse), and Rubedo were published in the August issue of the Bicycle Review.

My story The Taker is up over at Powder Burn Flash.

Mementos in issue 122 of Zygote in My Coffee.

Glasgow Similie in Darkest Before The Dawn. Such a really good crime journal.

A Crash Course in Divinity and Damnation joins The Coltrane Hotel, Stars, and The End of Something over at the ever so awesome Nefarious Muse.

A Shape In The Nothing in the debut of Rotten Leaves. Such a great journal, put out by some solid guys.

Lynching in the ever so cool Red Fez.

I was interviewed by Craig Wallwork over at the Cat O’Nine Tails. I’m really damn sad that bar’s going to be closing at the end of the year.

Levithan and now Parking Lot over at Troubadour 21. Those guys are also going to be publishing a bimonthly series by me. I’ll let you know, constant reader, once that goes live.

Concerning Chicago, In Regards to Writers, and Spanish Class in the November issue of Word Riot.

The Great Schism is live over at the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Over at that there Troubadour 21, well, seems I have a good bit of stuff for your reading interest. If you are of the mind to read it, that is. I can’t quite say if you are or not. Truthfully, neither can you, until you read it. So, why don’t you go and read it and see what you think? Firstly, I’ve started a sort of series. Not really a sort of series, but a series, a serial. Entitled Throw Back, we, or I, am currently on part 2. Part three has mostly been written.

Also o’er at T21, we’ve got another series taking shape. Troubadour Horror Zone will feature essays on all that horror standbys, as well as a nice little story to go along with them. I’ll be hitting up most of the essays, and for this first one, I wrote the story for it. Check out an essay on zombies and a story called Cosplay here.

I chased this venue for a while, but I finally got a story put into Short-Story.Me, called Incarnadine Stars.

A story inspired by a true one, Damn Dog, went up at With Painted Words, complete with, regrettably, a continuity error. Apologies.

March 25, 2010

More Stuff.

My story, One In Six, is up in Issue 6 of Colored Chalk. There are zombies. Enjoy.

My poem, eternal return is live at Flash Fire 500.

Forgot about this one. Thanks, Google! (if only you could type that little lilt of sarcasm) Green Bug, in Side of Grits, issue 1.

The Evening News at Tuesday Shorts.

Just Business, live over at Powder Burn Flash.

my piece of flash, Empty, is live over at Sein Und Werden.

two poems, The Zed Word and Of Voices up in the summer issue of tinfoildresses.

Blood Brothers is in the latest issue of Colored Chalk, along side many stories that are much better.

January 31, 2008

Some stuff.

My short-short, Surreptitious Kissing, is up at  50-to-1.

Out of the Hills is in the third issue of Colored Chalk.

A Soviet Winter, Tuesday Night, and Car Bombs and Chains all in Zygote In My Coffee.

A Fiction is in issue 8 of Gloom Cupboard.

The First Time is in Blink Magazine.

Storm, Archon, and Three Bar Blues in the much fun Red Fez. I am also the fiction editor for said lovely site.

An End to Communal Life
is in the fourth issue of Colored Chalk.

My short story, Cut Through Road, is in the anthology Southern Gothic Shorts, released by PJM Publishing.  Grab it from Amazon.