March 25, 2010

More Stuff.

My story, One In Six, is up in Issue 6 of Colored Chalk. There are zombies. Enjoy.

My poem, eternal return is live at Flash Fire 500.

Forgot about this one. Thanks, Google! (if only you could type that little lilt of sarcasm) Green Bug, in Side of Grits, issue 1.

The Evening News at Tuesday Shorts.

Just Business, live over at Powder Burn Flash.

my piece of flash, Empty, is live over at Sein Und Werden.

two poems, The Zed Word and Of Voices up in the summer issue of tinfoildresses.

Blood Brothers is in the latest issue of Colored Chalk, along side many stories that are much better.

January 31, 2008

Some stuff.

My short-short, Surreptitious Kissing, is up at  50-to-1.

Out of the Hills is in the third issue of Colored Chalk.

A Soviet Winter, Tuesday Night, and Car Bombs and Chains all in Zygote In My Coffee.

A Fiction is in issue 8 of Gloom Cupboard.

The First Time is in Blink Magazine.

Storm, Archon, and Three Bar Blues in the much fun Red Fez. I am also the fiction editor for said lovely site.

An End to Communal Life
is in the fourth issue of Colored Chalk.

My short story, Cut Through Road, is in the anthology Southern Gothic Shorts, released by PJM Publishing.  Grab it from Amazon.