Not So Out of Date

But still, pretty out of date.  Yeah, apologies for that.

Old Movies in an autobiographical story that has zombies in it.  It went up at The Molotov Cocktail and they win for best journal named after a weapon.

The Song is over at InfectiveINK and they’re just cool.  I will write more for them hopefully.

Fulgurate is over at the amazing Thundahdome (their name is really Thunderdome but I think Thundahdome works better).  They print cool people there, I think.  Bob Pastorella’s story was pretty dope, I remember that, but then so was Karpuk’s, that dude is all sorts of great.  ‘Doc’ O’Donnell (note: his real name is Mark) had a story that first issue too.  But then, don’t get me started on the second issue, the first official one, cause that shit just came out and boy is it great.  Yeah, I have to work on maintaining tone throughout my posts, but anyway, go read the new issue here.  And remember: THUNDAHDOME!

So, yeah, then I had a story ran during Do Some Damage’s Christmas Noir contest thingy.  The Christmas Spirit.  Nik Korpon, he also had a story in that contest, The Reindeer Incident.

Korpon and I are also in the BROWN PAPER PUBLISHING anthology, you’re dead and i killed you, along with Pablo D’Stair, Gregory Frye, David S. Grant, Darcia Helle, Stephen Honeycutt, Robert Johnson, Corey Mesler, Jason Michel, and Sonia Tabriz. This thing is really cool.  I could link to the free PDF you can get on the BPP site, but it only costs $5.00 on Amazon, so do something good and grab that.

I believe that’s it for now.  Please do enjoy yourselves.  I’ve at least one more story coming out soon, not too sure beyond that, but I’m trying.

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