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December 1, 2010

Out of Date

So, yeah, it’s been a good long while since I updated this here site.  To all the people who read my blog and have wondered where I have been, well, you don’t exist, so I guess I really don’t have anything to apologize for.  So, there.

Anyway, I have been very busy with publications, so much that it’d take me several long hours to sit here and find every little thing of mine that’s out there.  The last time I counted, around about the time of the last update, I was around 80 publications.  Not sure exactly where I’m at now.  So, right now, what I’m going to do is simply add a few and try to hit the more recent ones.  At some point, well, maybe I’ll manage to track down every single little story and poem.  Perhaps I should start updating as soon as a publication comes in, but that seems a little silly.

This morning, my story Shadow went live over at Eschatology.  Cool little Lovecraft-inspired short, which is always a hoot for me to write.

A Waste of Time and Ink, a poem, is live in the latest issue of the wonderful Red Fez.   There is a great story by the esteemed Craig Wallwork in the same issue, Red Fez and Pancakes.

My story Depression is in the latest issue of MiCrow (PDF download).

A Twist of Noir is doing a great project, the 600 to 700 Challenge, where each story’s word count is also their listing in Twist’s catalog.   Fugue is number 636.  I have another story coming up in about 50 stories there.  Also, up at that there Twist of Noir, The Sea of Trees, one of my favorite stories of mine.

Fata Morgana went up in Bartleby Snopes, a journal I quite dig.

Extispicy is up in Episode 6 of In Between Altered States.  So you know, Extispicy is what they call divination using freshly spilled animal entrails.  Oh, also, in Episode 4, check out my story No Dominion.  Check out Jason Michel’s story in that same issue.  He’s one of the forces behind Pulp Metal Magazine and will be publishing soon on BPP.

Mártir is up in Rusty Typer, near the amazingly great DB Cox.

Also, speaking PMM, my story Torrent went up over there, Them Monstrous Blues, a review of Goodloe Byron’s great record, The Monstrous Blues.  I’m good at making up titles, aren’t I.  I think I haven’t mentioned this before, but my story Mass (for Henry Darger) went up in April/May.  I like that story.  Wrote it after I caught the documentary about the man, In The Realms of the Unreal.

At Sea is up at Title Fights.  Love that story and that journal.

Momentum went up at the Outsider Writers Collective.  Also, Three Poems.

Juarez, one of my numerous Mexico stories, is over at Underground Voices.

I had a story in Barrier Islands Review, but apparently not.  Bummer.  I’m actually a little pissed about that, it looked all cool and was my own version of steampunk, but what’re you going to do?

Cut Through Road was republished by  I love those guys for publishing that story.

The Whiskey Priest is over at Thrillers, Killers, and Chillers.  It’s a werewolf story in Mexico.  I like it.

Novella, a zombie story, was published in Weird Year.  I like zombie stories.

Let the Bells Ring went up in Writers’ Bloc.  I miss those guys.

You know, that might actually be it.  Probably something I’m missing.  I’ll try not to let so long go between updates in the future.  And, of course, I’m ignoring several reviews I wrote, which I probably shouldn’t, but you know, sorry.