And, lo, when it came that I was sober

Hey there.  How’re you?  That’s sweet.  Really?  You got it stuck where?  Didn’t that hurt?  Well, enough lubrication can get anything up there.  Anyway, what would you like?  Surely not.  You’re kidding.  Why?

Anyway, there’s been some slightly cool things happening of late.  Such as?

Well, my story Con Leche just went up there live at Bartleby Snopes.  This one, this is cool.  To me, at least.  I tried for a good long while to get something into there.  Yay me.

This isn’t as cool as the above, but still cool.  A random poem of mine placed third in a contest o’er at Outsider Writers.  The amazingly readable and damn cool D.B. Cox won first place.

I dug this one, a short little thing called Still Life was taken by A Twist of Noir.  Those guys are cool.  I want more stuff there, or I will when I’m back in the crime scene.

This one, The Quiescent, went to Short, Fast, and Deadly.  I actually wrote a cycle of four microstories, and the Quiescent was the first part.  Sometime I might actually do something with those other three.

That’s about it, actually.  Well, no, no, that’s not quite true.  A couple other things: My story Anhedonia, which was published some time earlier by Absent Willow Review, is one of the storySouth Million Writers Awards.  Pretty cool, considering how many other damn cool stories are up on that list.  Like who?  Seriously, just go look at the list.

Then, your’s truly (that’d be me, but probably not, i know, just go with it (if you are so inclined)) was featured along with three really smart and damn handsome men in a podcast.  Podcast?  Podcast.  The Velvet Podcast, Episode 2: Hey, is that a copy of Kiss Me Judas on your desk, Professor Meriweather. It’s cool.  I’m the weird guy.  Further, you really should listen to all the Velvet podcasts.  Most of them are from the Velvet/OWP reading that took place o’er the AWP.

And that’s about it.

Yeah, no.  I should have done this a long time back, but really, I had no honest idea what to write about, how to go about it.  So, I’ll say this: I have a book.  Cienfuegos.  Pick up a PDF o’er at the Brown Paper Publishing website, along with a ton of damn good books, or hit up Amazon and pick up the book for a paltry five dollars.  Or you could go see a matinee movie.  Something good. If you actually do want to buy it, I’d be glad to autograph and draw pictures in your copy.  I draw a mean toaster pig, but my pirate panda sucks.

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